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Wireless Internet Across Your Home

Always Available High Speed Internet Access Around Your House and Grounds

Want to be able to quickly download your favourite music, films, chat with your friends face to face all over the world using free video conferencing. Cut those ever increasing phone bills

A wireless internet service for home users is the ideal package for you and your family. You can access super fast high speed internet from the comforts of your very own home. You can connect to the internet using your personal computer, make mobile to mobile and land line free calls world wide. Access the new multimedia services that are being provide over the internet such as internet TV, film libraries, community web sites. Stay in touch globally with friends and family let them see and speak to them, contact the office and have that broad meeting with you attending through VOIP and video while sitting next to the pool.

Our technicians will professionally install the latest broadband wireless router and Arial to your home, then set up the services we have identified you would like, when our team did the initially technical survey to understand your individual communications requirements and supplied a install plan with a price quotation.

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