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Provide A Internet Wifi Hot Spot

Adding a Wireless Internet (WiFi) hotspot gives you the potential to:


We have designed a range of WiFi Wireless internet solutions to allow you to provide an in demand service for your customers. Our primary aim is in providing a quality service to you, to enable your patrons to securely access the internet, whilst enjoying your hospitality.

Low cost, low maintenance and easy to manage? These are words you have probably heard a thousand times from companies selling internet and wireless solutions to the hospitality industry. What makes Digital Baleares any different?

We are different by providing those exact 3 things. A cost effective installation that is a fully maintained wireless mesh system, a simple monthly fee that fits in with your business.

Our Wifi uses the latest Wimax wireless mesh technology, enabling you to provide your guests and customers with high speed reliable internet access, whilst leaving you to run your business.

Can I charge my customers for internet access?

Wifime was founded on the principle of \\\"Freeing\\\" your connection for your customers and guests to enjoy for FREE. It is a hot debate within the hospitality arena, whether venues and businesses should charge for wireless internet access. In our opinion we believe you will see greater reward and increased customer base by providing a FREE connection to your customers and guests. If however you feel that you would like to charge a token amount to cover the cost of the wifime service, then it may be better to add this to your current pricing / business model or alternatively ask guests and customers for donations towards the upkeep of the FREE service. Honestly customers and guests who appreciate and value the service will keep returning and will not think twice about a small donation towards the service!

I already have a broadband or ADSL connection

This is no problem. If you already have an ADSL / broadband connection with a provider, you can continue to use that provider with our wifime equipment. However in order to provide your guests and customers with an enhanced connection speed instead of sharing your ADSL line on at least contention ratio of 20:1, we can be provide dedicated define ratio of 1 to 1 to allow a full use of the new multimedia internet services.