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Mobile Broadband Internet

Hotels across the world are now including in the room rate a broad band service as an accepted standard. Our Hotel Community Portal with the Guest Service Gateway provides a high quality service that offers the hotel a number of unique selling points.

When you have decided to install Broadband Internet throughout your public areas, conference rooms, and bedrooms, you need to ensure you have an efficient managed service installed by a professional experienced team. To enable the service to enhance you reputation in the market place .Digital Balears offers this service and can through our hotel consultancy program provide a install project plan and advise on marketing these new services to your target market.

For example:

The Hotel Community Portal

Links to your existing hotel web site,helps create a guest community that will enable the hotel to market direct service offers for example, car hire, excursions, events to the profile of your guest if you have developed the facility to capture your guest profile.

Guest service Gateway

Here the guest will be able to log on to their own private broadband connection, the ability to offer a file storage and access area and receive information to suite their profile.

Wireless Technology

We are able to offer hotels the opportunity to offer high speed internet to their bedrooms, public area, beach front, using wireless technology, so there is no need to cable to individual rooms. This technology allows laptops to connect to the internet connection without any wires. Whether the guest is on their bed, desk, or in a conference room they can access the wireless Broadband Interent connection with ease.

The technical analysis team will ensure that covering an entire hotel with no “weak” or “black-spots” will be achieved with their knowledge of wireless networks and how the individual access points interact.

We always check the signal within each bedroom and conference area to ensure that guests have a good reliable signal with which they can connect to the Broadband system on. As a policy when we design a wireless network we are able to offer a much higher signal level to be present throughout compared with many of our competitors.

For this reason we will install and propose more wireless access points than many of our competitors and we are proud of this fact and by using a dedicated supply to the hotel instead of a shared access service that is the usual provision provide by our suppliers

The reason we can offer such a strong solution is that one of the share holders in Digital Balears owns the WiMAX dishes on the island that deliver the service so we do not purchase Telefonica or other shared access service and re distribute that supply to you. On completion we will have a complete graphical representation of the signal level throughout your hotel. Our partner is a market leader for hotel broadband installation on the island combined with Digital Balears experience in service and commercialization this will enable hotels to exploit full the potential of this new service.