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Commercial Property Developers and Owners


Attract higher grade clients, add value, unique selling points.

Todays house buyer, office or commercial real estate purchaser, rental client expects to have technology at the touch of their fingertip. To make your offering more completive in the market place by including the facilitates to access full multimedia services , mobile high speed internet services and the ability to plug into networks for IT requirements is a feature that every property developer has to consider building into their project plan and end offering .

Your prospective clients will be considerable more attracted if they do not have to consider how to integrate Information technology and communication into their new premises. We work closely as a partner in your project to help incorporating these services in to your planning and can organise the delivery with close project management.

Imagine a new villa, office, leisure, conference exhibition centre that has not planned for internet or mobile communications this can lead to losing the sale as the prospective customer may have to retro fit for the systems to be fitted.  

Exhibition and conference operators

If your organisation owns or manages an existing commercial property that has business or leisure visitor, exhibitors and delegates to your premises. In today's world most will have experience of using internet as a vital communications tool.

By providing mobile wireless access to high speed secure internet service you will be able to promote your offering in the market place as an organisation that understands the need for 21st century communications.

This will help to attract increase participation and traffic at your events.

No need for expansive rewiring we can conduct a survey design and install the solution to meet your operational requirements.