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Quality High Speed Business Internet Service

Increase profits, decrease costs, improve client/staff communications

A high speed, quality, cost effective, internet for business service has been specially designed to provide companies with a flexible connectivity package that is supported by a highly professional team of technical support service personnel.

We will first analyse your internet communication requirements, which will enable Digital Balears to produce a communications plan and costing for your business.

By following this model we are able to show you how your business can improve the effectiveness of its everyday communication. The Digital Balears for Businesses service comes complete with a customer care and support program. Additionally, we are able to demonstrate ways of improving cost savings and adding value to your business.

Within coverage areas we provide:

Business Internet Connections from 1Mb/s to 10Mb/s

The service we provide means, your committed bandwidth is always available. SDSL typically uses a 10:1 contention ratio, meaning that your bandwidth may be shared with up to10 other customers.

In most circumstances we deliver more Business Broadband Internet Capacity for less money than our Wireline competitors, or to replace, their SDSL and Leased Lines.

SDSL doesn't offer Burst capability, so if you buy a 1Mb/s SDSL circuit our 1Mb/s SDSL type circuits come with a 'Burst' capability to upgrade as you grow.

As a specialist Business ISP, we can usually deliver our Standard Wireless Symmetrical High Speed Business Broadband Internet Services significantly faster than wireline solutions such as SDSL / Leased Lines and LES circuits.

Typically it takes under fifteen working days for standard installations, and frequently faster if there is unfettered access to the building for installation. On-Communications connections are Wireless. No underground cables to lay. No delay when you move or expand offices. Your connection is where you want it.

Business Broadband Internet connections with Guarantees!

To receive your wireless high speed business broadband Internet connection, we install a small discrete outdoor unit (about the size of a house alarm) at your premises, which we line up with the Base Station tower providing your service. Once connection is established, we provision the service you have ordered, and present you with a Cat5 RJ45 Ethernet connection to a router in your office or ITComms room. We can then set the service across your communication platform

Don’t delay; equip your business today with the tools it needs to engage in an ever-changing business world.