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Flexible, Easy Access, High Speed Roaming Broadband Internet



Our apartment community wireless service package can be customized to  suit the requirement of most apartment communities.

By installing the latest cluster wireless technology, Digital Balears now offers a unique communications service to apartment owners. This enables them to have their own high-speed broadband, wireless internet with or with out a telephone line as part of a special designed service installation solution. Also each apartment owner can upgrade the service to suite their own particular requirments.

With this easy to install community service package, apartment owners can now access broadband internet from within their apartment to anywhere in the complex. Access to these services can also be gained within specified radii outside the periphery of the area .

The flexibly of this service enables the apartment owner to offer internet access and free internet telephone calls to the holiday rental market with no worries about ongoing call charges and line rentals Isn’t this great news in a world of surging costs and high prices? This community service purchase will give your apartment a unique selling point, which appeals to today’s holidaymaker, who are used to having easy and ongoing high speed access to the internet. In addition to this, Digital Balears can provide a community web site for the entire apartment block. This will enable guests and residents to experience reduced costs in accessing important documents such as accounts, financial statements, quarterly newsletters and other paper based information that is distributed periodically.

The apartment community service package also facilitates to guests’ feedback, help and support services for owners and the wider community. For example the community web site could include a maintenance e-bulletin board that lists recommend tradesmen such as plumbers, painters and others.

No apartment block is complete without this service, don’t you agree?