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About Us

Our Mission Statement

Digital Balears’ overarching mission is to help its clients increase their competitiveness in the marketplace by effectively embracing state of the art communication systems innovations, utilizing the latest’s in internet services.

Our aim is to empower our clients to maximise their business potential by using the latest technology to reduce ongoing costs, increase their client base, build greater customer loyalty and increase overall profit margins.

Digital Balears has been formed to provide organisations in the Balears with a range of proven high end Information communication Technology solutions, project management, customer support and product service packs to suite their particular communications requirements.

In order for the company to offer this range of services we have formed a partnership with Mallorca’s leading independent supplier of telecommunications, information technology networking, security and wireless broadband internet services, Level Electronics. By combining their proven track record for high standards of services with our expertise in Internet communications market we are able to offer a range of proven delivered solutions to the Balears business community.

The company is able to offer its clients a range of high end Information Technology services, project management, and customer support and product development solutions.

Our expertise and specialised services considerably reduces the risk factor when installing and managing a new IT communication service in your day-to-day operations. By choosing our organisation to supply and implement your particular service requirement, you will be assured of efficient delivery, with hands on customer support and access to our 24 hour customer support centre.

When prospective clients contact us, we work closely with them to understand their particular project requirements. Following that, we present a service proposal that aims to enhance your business performance.